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Why You need the Best Law of Attraction Relationship Coach!

It's important to relate to your Relationship Coach!  I practice the Law of Attraction, so I will help you look at your beliefs, your results, and your emotions now, so that you can feel better and move into better feelings.

When you are in a better mood, your relationships will all inevitably improve.

If you are sure Relationship Coaching is for you then call me for your initial consult.  Anything less than feeling great should not be tolerated!  If you have "gotten used to" and tolerate many negative feelings like guilt, shame, abuse, frustration, anger, jealousy, resentment, resentment, or resentment...then you are a great candidate for some coaching.

My style is not to keep clients coming back forever like traditional counseling does...instead, I help you find your own POWER, so you won't want to keep coming back for endless sessions where you aren't getting anywhere.  Here, you are in control of the whole process, but I guide your vibe toward what you want.

Talking about what you don't want or the bad things that have happened to you WILL NOT get you anywhere!!!

So, honestly, your power lies in finding what's important to you now...You can start with some relationship affirmations and look over relationship topics.

Relationship Affirmations

BEST to "go general" for any relationships that are currently negative!  Always build up yourself and gather your good feelings about you, and about your relationship to Source.  This is the basis for WHO you can attract into your life.  Look at your current feelings and your current results...if you aren't happy, it's time for a change!  You don't need to change all the people around you.

Instead it's best to change your perception of you.  The real You.  The real You is Powerful and Loved, and feels completely Amazing.  You don't need to be told because you just "know".  You are confident and feel good.  You are pleased with yourself so you rarely find fault with others.  You can praise yourself for all your qualities--the obviously great ones, but also the more endearing ones.  You have so much promise and potential.  It is nice to feel them all opening up for more and better for you.

You can be anything you wish.  Each day you can recreate yourself anew, and you do.  You begin now with some quiet appreciation laying in bed, and after you truly feel that, you meditate and breathe for a while in full appreciation.  You know that journaling is helpful, so you do a few paragraphs on that.  This whole routine has become easy, fun, and now you are eager for more.  You know being in a good mood begets more good for you.

Relationship Topics

This is by no means an all inclusive list.  If you don't see a topic you'd like to, please contact me and I will add it in for you.  With the LOA and using affirmations, your goal will be to move into a Higher Vibration.  You literally don't need to wait for others to change!  You can change your vibe right now to feel better.  Others will always let you down and displease you can get a good handle on your vibe by following these easy get in alignment first then it's easier to build some positive momentum towards your goals.  Of course, I'd be happy to help you as your Relationship Coach to clarify these ideas you are already working on.

Dealing with "old" baggage

Finding a partner

Getting a date

Going on a date

Sex with a new partner

Sex with long term partner

Maintaining a good marriage

Staying in a good long term marriage

Staying in a bad long term marriage

Finding a spiritual soulmate




Elderly Parents

Sibling Relationships



Relationship with Self

Relationship with Source

My Qualifications

My life experience has been perfect for LOA Coaching on any topic, but I love Relationship Coaching as well. 

I started as a child of divorced parents and had not one or two, but four different step families over time!  I somehow managed to keep myself in a good mood by giving myself pep talks, which worked well.  I looked in the mirror and really got to know myself.  A practice that makes Joe Vitale a lot of money today!  I planned and made mistakes but I stayed on course, and eventually went to college for a teaching degree, and got an amazing job.  Then I got married, got my MA in counseling, and became a school guidance counselor.

I had no idea how important emotions were until I had my first child though--my greatest teacher.  She taught me the true meaning of unconditional love.  And ever since her birth, I became a different person... much more interested in finding meaning in life, having harmony, creating ease in my relationships, and things I had no idea that most people find difficult.

I decided to get Reiki and Law of Attraction training to expand my already present Intuitive and Psychic abilities, with great results.  I am happy to help you expand yourself in any way you desire:  Self Esteem, Confidence, Speaking, Intuitive Abilities, Money, Health, Career, and of course, Better Relationships.

I am honored to get you on the fast track for relationship success.  Having a skilled and compassionate online life coach is so easy, you'll wish you did it sooner!  Find out more about My Relationship Programs.

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