Open Third eye chakra

You heard from a friend that you could have an Open third eye chakra...after all, she did it!

Maybe you've thought about that and were interested.  Well, now is the time to open all your chakras.  Affirmations help us to remember that all we must do is Align with Source Energy, and things are easy for us.  Let the Universe take care of "how", but if you are inspired, here are some ideas to get an open third eye chakra.

If you read through these free tips to open your third eye and still find you are having trouble, make sure you see the comments at the end of this page.  Please contact me directly for coaching about opening your third eye chakra.

Law of Attraction Tips for Opening the Third Eye

Besides using Affirmations to open the third eye, the Law of Attraction offers some good insights as to WHY affirmations work...

And you would want to look at any beliefs you hold that may keep your third eye shut.

  • Do you believe you CAN open your third eye?
  • Do you believe it will be easy and fun? 
  • Do you have doubts about your personal ability or not believe that the Universe is on your side?
  • Have family or friends been critical of you for expressing your belief in psychic ability?

Think about your beliefs now, and if you have any negative beliefs, begin to release them now by Affirming that your third eye can open because we are all able to decide what we want.  The LOA says that whatever we are focused upon we are magnetizing to ourselves, so...if we don't believe it, it's not going to happen, but if we do believe it, we should powerfully affirm it...

Affirmations to Open Third Eye Chakra

If you have reviewed the LOA tips for beliefs about opening your third eye, and you feel neutral or positive, like you are ready, then let's affirm that your third eye is opening with ease!

  • I love connecting to this Source Energy.
  • Source Energy wants me to feel good and only looks at me with love.
  • If my desire is to open my third eye chakra, then gradually it will open.
  • It is my true knowing that Source is guiding me toward better intuition.
  • I feel the tingle and warm fuzzy feeling of my third eye chakra opening.
  • All my chakras open easily, and it is safe for me to allow this side of myself to be known.
  • I am comfortable and at ease with my psychic abilities and my place in the world.
  • I only use my powers for good in the world.
  • With my third eye open, I receive impulses, words, thoughts, emotions, sensations, sight, and hearing from Source.
  • I am so happy and thankful for my intuitions coming so easily and frequently now.
  • Thank you God and all beings of light that are helping me to receive.

Meditation to Open the Third Eye Chakra

Sitting in a relaxed way, arms and legs uncrossed, Align with the Source Energy.  Release all tensions from your body, feel the relief of that release.  Find happiness in this moment, and you can do this relaxation anytime you wish.

Then, picture yourself with the beautiful seven rainbow colors flowing from your seven open chakras.  Enjoy your beauty as you radiate these colors, feeling the warmth and love within, and that they are flowing out as well. 

See your indigo third eye chakra glowing brightly from your own forehead.  Feel satisfaction that it is open, for your desire came true.  Feel the tingles, as the ripples of energy waves come through, passing through your very open third eye.

Be proud of yourself for deciding that you wanted to try this, and it happened so naturally for you.  The sensations you receive are so helpful to you, for you are receiving even more guidance from the Universe.  Feel how gifted and purposeful you are, and that you are using this guidance for good in the world.

Your road, your path, your journey.  Source Hears "Yes" to your desires!

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