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Everyone needs an online life coach, but not everyone is smart like you.  We all think to ourselves about a cool business idea we'd love to see through to fruition...but then we allow life to "get in the way."

Do you have a burning desire to start an online business or a Mom and Pop store?  Buy a franchise?  Or start your own Mega-Giant Corporation with stocks selling like wildfire? 

Want to make some career changes?  Want to break into a New field, New identity, or get a New job? 

Want to move up in your current job?  You might just want to start with some affirmations for that...

BUT, it's easy to make even major life changes with a little help from an online life coach!

What does an Online Life Coach do?

Many life coaches design their coaching around negative topics, so you stay talking about and worrying about the same thing that has actually held you back, so you can't get ahead quickly and easily.  Law of Attraction Money Coaches try to tell you the "one thing you must do", and you try it but it doesn't work, so then you feel miserable and your confidence plummets.

The reason why is because the Affirmations you chose didn't work, or the Affirmations don't all resonate with you, you don't give the Life Coaching program enough time, or you are still focusing on something negative...therefore, you are still in a bad mood!

I have created a style that seems to work well for most people.  We focus on LOA and affirmations, positive thinking, and positive self talk.  We head in the direction of your dream...

I can't live your life for you, but I can tell you one thing...

You have to grow!

You must put in a small amount of effort using positive thinking and affirmations, which will pay off big later.  Sort of like Olympic athletes might do visualization to reach their goals, I will ask you to do certain things like meditate, visualize, affirm, and appreciate certain aspects of your life.

With my coaching programs, whether for your self confidence, your health, better relationships, money, career, or to learn to manifest actual "things" like a new car, new house, or a move to the perfect city (or country), we work together to keep you in a good mood, making small changes over time.

I created affordable online life coach programs so that you can continue your progress easily and give you specific coaching suggestions for your exact state of mind to improve...

And it's important to keep checking in over time, using my monthly program, seasonal program, or yearly program.

Whatever you desire, if you can imagine it, you can become that. 

Law of Attraction Coaching

The reason I fully use the Law of Attraction is because it works wonders, and it does so quickly.  Just by feeling your way to a better life, you create it...Joy in the Journey, Being Happy on the Way, The Power of will all become very real to you, that there is only right now, so you should enjoy it.

When you "enjoy" you are in joy...and doesn't that feel nice?  To be pleased is a feeling we can cultivate and actually learn.  Would you like to find out how?

If you want more info on How to use the Law of Attraction, check out my section on that first.

You are a Being of Light, and the Larger part of You is always sending you signals and impulses that are so important to believe in and follow. One thing I do is help you get in touch with that...I give you strategies that help you get into a better mood and a clear, receptive mode.  The rest just follows naturally.

With a few online life coaching sessions, you may get the hang of it and be well on your way to manifesting all you've ever dreamed of!

Or you may wish to grow your confidence for a while first, then build on the major topics in your life, so sometimes coaching can be for a few months.  You can tell where you are at by how you feel--your most important manifestation!  You guide the pace and frequency based on your feelings and your goals.

It is my pleasure to serve you in this way, to put you in touch with your Source Energy connection. My experience in life coaching and online life coaching has been built on a strong foundation of having lots of practice in energy work, Reiki, teaching, parenting.  My "knowing" and intuitive sense is certainly my strongest now!  The other five senses deceive us, but what we feel is very real, and we can all benefit from enjoying better feelings.  It's the good mood that creates the atmosphere within YOU to "allow" the Law of Attraction to bring you what you want.

So, let's get started, it's going to be a great year for you!

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