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You could use an online business coach who understands the Law of Attraction!  Yes, you can learn to manifest business success using a mantra or affirmations, but why not put the whole personal growth package together...

I've had all levels of success, money, and relationships.  I've seen the ups and downs, and I have to took a while for me to "give up" and decide that I couldn't fight against what I wanted any longer!

How to Be Success

When I followed the Law of Attraction for myself, doing the LOA processes and basically improving my own thinking, my whole life turned around.  Now, I had always been relatively good at giving myself a pep talk and making the best of my situations, but...

When I truly stopped fighting and struggling...that is when "it" really happened.  Without the fight, I truly felt:

  • Deserving, Worthy, and Invincible.
  • Passion, Inspiration, and Creativity surging from within me.
  • A Peaceful Inner place and Unconditional Love and Acceptance of myself and others.

Does that sound nice?  Would you like that also?  It's so much easier than you thought...

  • Because thoughts are just habits that we've come to believe to be the truth...and we can change them over time.  Gradually is best.
  • Because you are fully able to tap into your Source Energy stream right now!
  • Because it's just changing your mood a tiny bit every day until you feel good that makes ALL the difference.
  • Because you deserve it!

Online Business Coaching Programs

If you are ready to make a move toward improvement in business, career, sales, or getting a new job, using an online business coach can help you get direct feedback about your specific situation.

My monthly programs are a good fit for you if you are ready to use the Law of Attraction and Affirmations, meditations, and visualizations.  Imagining and appreciation are so important for the creative process.

Since the joy is in the journey, it's also important that you start finding joy in whatever you are doing right now.  That gets positive energy flowing easily, which leads to more success.  If your impulse is telling you to get an online business coach or a Law of Attraction Money Coach, fill out my contact form.

I also offer seasonal three month programs and year long programs (so you'll save more money on those) to help you get feeling good, get clear, adjust along the way, and create the energy to know which path to take.

What are your Business Goals?

What do you want, desire, dream of, and what is burning inside of you?

What do you wish for that you can't let die?  You just keep coming back to it?

Or, are you leaving one type of business and starting anew?

What are your fears and anxieties about your business ideas?

Can you spend a few weeks getting to know yourself a little better?

Do you realize that we are all replaying many habits we learned that don't make any sense?

Are you willing to release your attachments to your current status, comfort zones, and feelings to move into a new vibe to allow your truth to come forth?

As your online business coach, I'll be happy to serve you.  Support you.  Guide you.  It's nice to be self-reliant, but we all could use some encouragement and a self esteem boost once in a while.  Friends, family, and coworkers often don't understand you, and they are naysayers.  It's best to keep your ideas to yourself while you create stability in them and you.  You'll have plenty of time to share your success story later!  For now, let's get you started on your best years!  Call me for your initial appointment today.

Online Coaching Prices

I am so glad that you've taken the time to feel better and read some articles about LOA and affirmations here.  For my loyal readers, I offer discounts and specials from time to time.

My regular prices for an online coaching call is $50 for 30 minutes (if you think you need just one this is fine).

The more desirable package is $100, for four calls during one month, first call for 30 minutes, then three weeks of 20 minute follow ups (total of 90 minutes). This is like getting 30 minutes for free.

If you would like additional months, that is expected.  As you work on your business goals using the Law of Attraction and affirmations, you will get closer to them and feel better (if you do the practice).  Checking in is best, because you can get better clarity which will also speed up your creations.

I look forward to serving you and uplifting you! 

Additional Coaching Resources

I would recommend reading any Law of Attraction books, audios, meditations, and affirmations.

Free Affirmation Worksheets and Law of Attraction downloads.

Try any of these to bring your mood up and understand affirmations and LOA better.

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