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It's easy to incorporate Money Affirmations using the Law of Attraction. I know the best success, prosperity, and abundance manifesting techniques using specific words and mantras...but also the order to do these practices.

I have seen it all in the money world, the ups and downs, the profit and loss, and the emotional roller coaster of personal and business financial concerns.  As a life coach, it's also exciting and rewarding to know that my expertise can help you, and money issues you've tried and failed at in the past may become far easier than you expected.

And I'm excited to tell you that you can improve all your money beliefs, one at a time, over time.  Because as you change your mood, your financial picture will also change.

BUT, you can't be completely broke, and jump into money affirmations and expect to get rich quick.  That's exactly how financial disasters occur really.

Follow all the articles on this page for your best money success, especially using "I am" statements and declarations and all the LOA money affirmations and practices that work (in order)!

Make sure you see the How Tos for Affirmations

How to articles...There are valuable insights about verbal versus written declarations.  The main idea is to "affirm" with a particular feeling.  For instance you may be better able to focus for longer with writing affirmations, but the verbal and spoken affirmations may bring up more and stronger feelings.

Step 1:  Self Esteem and Confidence BEFORE Money!!

You can't flow Money until you are vibing lots of good emotions, and if you don't feel good about yourself, you aren't flowing much money.  Sure, there are a few super nice rich people, who flow money with ease, barely work, get inheritances, have easy lives...

But most of us have to do the confidence work first.  So, make sure you do here.

Take inventory about where you are at NOW, not later.  This is such valuable time to spend on being kind to you.  Source hears whether you are praising yourself or condemning yourself.  If you are finding fault with yourself and others, you simply MUST clear up the judgments before jumping into other areas of your life.  First,

  • Improve your feelings about Self,
  • Improve your feelings about your Health,
  • Improve your Relationships, all first.

You just have to feel good overall before you focus on money affirmations.

Step 2:  In Debt? Use the Eliminate Debt Process by Abraham-Hicks

If you are in debt and need help right away, there are ways to use the Law of Attraction to improve your situation. The key here is to be soft, and not desperate, in your asking for more money to flow to you.  Here's how.  It's called Process #19 in the Ask and It is Given book by Abraham-Hicks, and it works wonders.  Every time I've used it, I've paid off my own debt quickly and easily, and generally carry a zero balance.

You affirm you are making a promise to pay double on your smallest debt each month.  If you are carrying a credit card debt and this is your smallest bill, (other than recurring bills which are not debts), and this debt is $40 a month, then you promise yourself you will pay $80 each month.

This sends a strong signal to Source Energy that you "have" more money to pay your bill NOW.  You are vibing in the now, that you have money, so even if you don't have the money yet, the Universe will begin to send you open doors, impulses, emotions to follow so that money can come to you.

My Law of Attraction blog post on the Abraham-Hicks Process of Eliminating Debt.  Remember, Source Hears "Yes" to your lack and gives you more lack, or Source Hears "Yes" to your feelings of Empowerment and Money and gives you more of those.

Step 3:  Abraham-Hicks and The Wallet Process for flowing more Money

If you have completed Steps 1 and 2 well, you are in a good mood overall, and you are wanting more money, then it's good to look at your beliefs about money.  See if there are any that you've adopted from your parents..."Money is hard to come by."  Or any that the culture tells you..."You have to work hard and struggle."

Try to relax and feel that All is Well instead, that the Universe has a perfect plan for all kind of delightful and wonderful things to begin flowing to you.  Spend time daily feeling that life is perfect, things are getting easier and better for you.  And when you are in this lovely place of appreciation and trust, then invite Money into your experience.  When you ask softly, you are truly inviting Money to flow a little at a time.

Source Hears your softness and returns the kindness.  And Source wants you to feel abundant, but likely, you were worrying about how you don't have enough money lately, telling yourself you "can't" buy that often, and feeling lousy about enough money coming in regularly.

So, the Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction Wallet Process is an easy way to turn a feeling of lack of money, into a feeling of flow of money, like it is there, it's already there for you.

The process is simple, you just get a real $100 bill or five $20s or whatever works for you, and you keep it in your pocket or your wallet.  Then you think about how nice it is to have it there, because you can purchase anything you want with it.  You envision buying some new jewelry, some decorations for your house, a course online, or a massage.  Or eight new books, or a day of stand up paddleboarding!  Something fun but not just paying your bills--because you actually have the $100, you can picture spending it multiple times, 20 or 30 times every day. 

Use the phrase, "I could buy this...I could buy that..."  And you just fill in the blanks about all the nice things you'd like to invite into your life, because you really do have the money. 

See my LOA blog post on The Wallet Process explained more.

Step 4:  General Money Affirmations

Manifesting Tips:  You should only use positive affirmations and money affirmations that feel true for you, so keep them general by using these...and, don't worry if one bothers you, just know that it means you aren't vibing at the higher money level yet.  When it becomes true, it will feel natural.

  • Nature is abundant, and I am one with this perfect Universe.
  • All is well, and if all is well and God has taken care of everything, then God is also caring for me.
  • I trust that God/Source/Universe knows my desires.
  • I feel all the love being showered upon me.
  • I feel the unconditional love, unconditional clarity, and unconditional Inner Peace that I was meant to feel.
  • When I relax, all the good can flow to me, for me, for my health, for my good harmonious relationships, and for money and work.

Step 5:  Specific Money Affirmations

Once you feel VERY confident, you can go ahead and speak and write and feel specific Money Affirmations.  But don't start here, your time spent in Steps 1, 2, and 3 will be priceless, because you'll feel your best when you get specific if you've done the general money affirmations first.  These Money words won't feel good if your beliefs have you vibing lack of money.

If you are sure, try these:

  • I am sure and certain of myself.
  • I am open to receiving the best life has to offer.
  • I am so happy and thankful for all of the Prosperity and Wealth that flows to me with ease.
  • I am so happy and thankful for all of the Abundance that comes to me in so many forms.
  • I am so happy and thankful for my place in the world, and how my circulating money helps so many.
  • I am in good flow with money, and money is my friend.
  • I have plenty of money.
  • Money is easy for me.

I AM Affirmations

This is where you make powerful statements because you are affirming that you already ARE a particular quality.  Any trait you wish to possess, you may call upon it to reside within you, because you ARE Source Energy.  Your spiritual heart center is meant to feel emotions that connect you to God, and God is calling you to feel positive emotions.

If you are not sure what emotions you'd like to foster within you, please see the list of positive emotions.

I love the way Dr. Wayne Dyer discusses the power of I am statements in his book, Wishes Fulfilled.  He filled me with empowerment because I was ready to feel it, and that is all you will do as well.  You decide what quality you'd like today, and you just know that it resides within you.  It will grow every day until it becomes completely true.

Examples of I am affirmations:

  • I am Powerful. I am Peaceful.  I am Loving and Creative.
  • I am Intuitive, Clairvoyant, and open to receiving.
  • I am Expanding, Welcoming, and Inviting All good into my life.
  • I am a Money Magnet.
  • I am so Happy and Thankful for my constant flow of money.

The I am affirmations can be useful to build up your confidence and self-esteem, and then later move into money affirmations.  Your money affirmations will be even more powerful when you have the power of Source on your side!

Money Mantras

There are lots of Money Mantras, but the most effective one I've heard of and used, was Shreem Brzee.  I've chanted with it using my mala beads (with 108 beads), so I say Shreem Brzee 108 times.  The words mean Abundance or Prosperity and Love, so like the I am statements, you can build some positive momentum towards your friend Money.

It's your life, your path, your journey...make sure you take your Law of Attraction emotional journey in regards to Money!

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