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Don't we all need a Law of Attraction Coach?  Learn LOA fast and easy. Your Better Mood equals Better Relationships and Health. Online Business Coach for Money and Career.

LOA Coaching

LOA coaching is friendly.  It focuses not on diagnosing you (I can't, I'm not a doctor and I wouldn't want to find fault with you!  You are too good for that).  My previous experiences with traditional counselors were poor--and I resolved to help those who are seeking good law of attraction information to be able to get it without it costing a fortune.

With my online life coaching programs, I can help you turn your moods into your best friend, think of yourself in a friendly way, and begin to praise yourself in a way you never have before.  buying courses is also wonderful, but sometimes you just want to hear some encouragement or that you are on the right track. 

Truthfully, I can't tell you everything you want to hear, but I can help you clearly hear yourself

What is Online Life Coaching?

Online Life Coaching is helpful for short or long term goals when you know you have some personal obstacles or energy blocks.  We will discuss together what your beliefs are and how to get past limiting beliefs, plus add positive momentum to any desires you are already confident about.

We talk on the phone and through email.  We do an initial consult, and you decide if you want further coaching.  You can listen to my audio here to feel for yourself if you like my style.  It's my priority to help you.

Law of Attraction Coaching Programs

I offer a few Law of Attraction Coaching programs to meet your needs.

Short term monthly programs

  • Best for "Self" or one major life area only.  Includes an initial 30 minute phone call and then weekly calls for 20 minutes each. (Four calls for a total of 1 hour and 30 minutes) for $100.
  • Best for one or two major life areas.  Includes an initial 45 minute phone call, and then weekly calls for 30 minutes each.  (Four calls for a total of 2 hrs. and 15 minutes) for $150.
  • Best for two major life areas.  Includes an initial 60 minute phone call, and then weekly calls for 40 minutes each.  (Four calls for a total of 3 hours) for $200.

Longer term programs available as well, but generally, we work together to give you ways to feel better, and much of this is on your own.  You do need to be willing to do the self help exercises, do the affirmations, and do the mood changing activities to see the results.  If you do them, you would see rapid change, which would likely lead to better feelings and you would need less coaching over time. 

Law of Attraction Money Coaching

LOA for Money has specific ideas that can help you release tensions and beliefs about money, while also building up your self esteem, confidence, and good qualities.  Money comes after you feel good about you. 

Making peace with your situation is a good start...if you can do that, then you are a good candidate for some Law of Attraction Money Manifesting Techniques.  See my prices above, give me a call, and we'll get started right away, creating a better money vibration for you.

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