Affirmations for teachers

Affirmations for Teachers using Law of Attraction/LOA, because I truly appreciate and respect teachers and all they do.  I was once a special education teacher and a guidance counselor, so I know the struggles and rewards of being in this wonderful profession.

Yet, I also realize that the talk in the schools is about what the administration is doing wrong, how the young teachers, old teachers, and kids all need fixing...and you can't feel good if that's the place you are starting from each day.  In fact, you will drain all your energy and stamina in your career and your personal life if you are not careful. 

You want your day to begin feeling good, and you want energy throughout it, to deal with each new thing that comes up, but also to have really good flow for each engagement with the children.  You want exactly the right ideas to come, the right people and staff to be there, and to have good feelings toward the children.  Most importantly, you want to feel good about yourself as a teacher.  Your influence is so essential to the children, and if you can give them a place where they are not judged, but instead relaxed, they will benefit more from your class.

Here's an 8 minute video with me doing a guided meditation on ease with affirmations for teachers. 

Coaching for Teachers and School Personnel

If you have enjoyed these affirmations and Law of Attraction ideas and you still have some questions, I am happy to set up some coaching with you.  Do you want to work out some problem that keeps coming up for you at work, change jobs within teaching, get better at your current job, go back to school, or do something completely different?

It's easy to begin with a 4 week or 13 week program.  Just get in touch using my form below.

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