Affirmations for moms using loa

I love using affirmations for moms.  The Law of Attraction helps us moms to keep our heads clear so that we can manifest what we really want...good relationships with our children!

Just like all people should be valued for who they are, All moms need appreciation.  But it's no one else's job to give it to you, Mom!  It's your for the taking.  So, claim it.  Let Source hear you saying YES to all the good you rightfully deserve.

And you do deserve all good.  You deserve to have a good mood.  You deserve a happy home.  You deserve beauty.  You deserve education for yourself and for your children.  You deserve to share your gifts of love, happiness, and service with others.  You deserve great relationships, fulfilling, meaningful, and enjoyable times.

For me, when I first become a mother, I had never experienced such judgment!  People I didn't even know started giving me their opinions, usually to tell me that I wasn't doing it right!  I was very connected to Source, so I had to shut those people out.

I had to get a thick skin and fast.  I want you to know that it was me lacking confidence that magnetized those people to me.  I no longer linger in negative feelings.  I feel so positive about who I am and my peaceful parenting style.  I only connect with spiritual, crunchy mamas locally and online now, but that took time to build up.  You can also.

And now, I get a lot of thanks for what I do and helping mamas become who they wish to be.  It's already you.  You are already enough.  You are already perfect.  You just have to sure that up!  Allow yourself to become the best for you.  Only you know what it is, but if you are stressed and finding fault with yourself or others, you won't hear your own guidance coming through.

So, check out these pages to see if one of them fits your mom situation, and let me know how I can help on the about me page if you don't find what you are looking for.

Affirmations for New Moms

Becoming a mother is such a special time in life, so bittersweet.  Babies teach us so much about unconditional love.  So what's a new mother to do?  Milk it!!  Literally, for some!  Enjoying this wonderful time in life is a good thing.  But every mom can get stressed out.  We're socialized to be women and people pleasers, instead of listening to our own inner voice.

Yes, we need to be selfish enough to care for ourselves and let go of everyone else's opinions.  Let's relax into motherhood and support our soul sisters.

Affirmations for Special Needs Children

If you have mothered a special needs child, you know you need more strength and stamina than anyone!  Your child has come through you to learn specific lessons, and one of them is unconditional love.  What you tell yourself about how this child came to you is very important, because we weren't meant to fault others or fix them.  Source Energy wants you to shine in your role, and to feel good.  When you do, you become the best person to hear the guidance that is right for this child, who very much needs you to advocate for him.

Affirmations for Homeschooling Moms

Homeschooling Mamas need their own set of ideas to creatively express themselves as teachers and caregiving parents, but also to keep their own esteem up.  You need confidence that you can handle not just being a mom, but also cleaning the house, being a wife, working part time or full time, or just doing the teaching well.  AND, you can't spend a lot of time with your children and be grumpy!  So, let's put you in a great mood to positively and peacefully influence your children. 

This list of affirmations for homeschooling moms activates ease and peace right at the start of your day to let life flow naturally.

Affirmations for Single Moms

Single Mothers think a lot of mixed up crap, so let's clean that up.  Clear thinking and feeling is the goal.  Not all over the place, worried about the partner that left you, how you don't have the money, what you are going to do next, who is to blame, going to court, getting divorced, custody agreements.  This is lack, rather than abundance. 

That will only keep you in confusion and chaotic thinking.  I want my SHY moms to get into the vibe of esteem, prosperity and abundance.  You will literally not be able to help your child have a healthy vibe until you do most of this for yourself.

Affirmations for Moms who are single or never married will help you to find your balance from YOU and from Source.  Not the conditions and circumstances. 

Affirmations for Moms with Children with Behavior Issues

I'd say you are doomed but you may not appreciate me joking.  There is so much to let go of.  Like the fact that LOA is like a dichotomy, where you have influenced your child but at the same time are never really responsible for your child.  Mind blowing, isn't it?

So, us moms have to let ourselves off the hook, and talk ourselves down from the ledge that keeps us locked into feeling guilty for our child's not so perfect behaviors, but at the same time, look for good things about our children.

We simply must change our focus into general things that are good, that all things are working out for us.  We can either leave parenting out of the equation, or we can focus in a positive way using the Book of Positive Aspects.

Affirmations for Moms are so important, to remind ourselves to be happy. 

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