Affirmations for intuition

Affirmations for Intuition...Your intuition is growing in strength and frequency!  This page will give you specific guidance on how to "allow" your Intuitive Abilities to expand, how to open chakras, especially open the third eye chakra, how to use Reiki, and how to do Meditations to magnetize and activate your natural born psychic abilities. 

It's important to accept our own intuitive abilities, so Affirmations for Intuition, work with you and your beliefs to help you receive guidance, but they are also relaxing and fun to use.

We are all born Psychic!

Do you remember being young and sensing, feeling, hearing, or seeing something that no one else did?  Maybe you kept it to yourself because you were afraid to tell your family or friends?

Or you have had gut feelings and instincts that you simply couldn't deny--good or bad sensations--and then find out it was true and you were right?

Have your dreams told you things?

To me, this is completely normal!  To not be psychic is to deny your true self.  It's cool to be Intuitive and practice this amazing and cool energy work.

To be honest, my take on "Us" is we are all created from the One Source, so we all have Source's Intuitive Abilities.  That means, infinite and unlimited, complete, and at the ready.

BUT, most of us have pushed that side of ourselves away, learning instead to listen to others who "know better" or who are more persuasive or forceful, and we forget ourselves.

Well, it's time to become yourself!

With just a small amount of practice, you'll begin to "hear" what Source wants you to know...that you are as infinite and unlimited as you can imagine.  You can use affirmations for intuition, meditations, visualizations, journaling, Reiki, and many other energy practices.  But the belief that you ARE already Psychic and Intuitive helps most, then once that belief is set, you can move into many ways to "BE" intuitive or clairvoyant...

Practices that Help keep Open Chakras

You don't need to know too much, just keep an open mind, and you can visualize your chakras becoming more open.  It is fun to think that you can just magically open your third eye chakra and suddenly you will be viewing all sorts of psychic material.

Stop--did you know that you need ALL your chakras open and clear?  If one chakra is very closed up, you would benefit from opening those, usually the lower three (Root chakra, Sacral Chakra, and the Solar Plexus Chakra) if you are a woman.

Reiki is a relaxing practice that shifts energy easily.  Balancing the chakras so they all become open and remain open can be an important part of learning about intuitive abilities.

Use the SHY approach, and be's more effective and will last longer and feel better.  :)

Reiki for Intuitive Power

Often, just receiving a Reiki Attunement or a Reiki session will open up some hidden intuitive powers, wake up ones you forgot about, or just enhance the intuition that was already happening.

If you would like more information about Reiki, Reiki is a practice of flowing universal energy to the seven (or more) chakras from a Reiki practitioner to a person laying on a table.  The practice is also called, "the laying on of hands" because the Reiki practitioner might gently lay his or her hands onto the person's chakras to flow the energy.

The whole experience is gentle and relaxing, and has many benefits including relaxation, healing, reduction in stress, better overall health, and much more.  I do offer distance Reiki sessions to increase intuition, so contact me about a session.

Open the Third Eye Chakra

There is this wonderful practice that I learned on YouTube from an Indian sage, where he tells viewers to reach their tongue into the throat and up the canal...stretching the frenum as far as possible, it is advised to stay in this position for as long as you can, at least 15 minutes.  This is how I opened my Third Eye chakra.  It literally opened that night. 

I could see a purple dot when my eyes were closed, where my third eye would be in my vision field.  Not much else happened, but I was thrilled with the experience!  After that I have constantly gotten signals from Source Energy such as tingles, warmth, and fuzzy sensations there.  More ways to open the third eye.

Chakra Affirmations for Intuition, Psychic Ability, Clear Thinking

Use these Chakra Affirmations for Intuition before or after Meditation, Awaking, and before Bedtime.

  • It is easy for me to see, hear, feel, and sense.
  • I love the ease of my life, so that I can stop and go within.
  • When I relax, so much intuition and impulses begin to come to me.
  • I am safe and secure and always protected.
  • I am ready for any Intuition to come to me now.
  • I enjoy being a channel for good.

Meditations for Intuition

Sit with your eyes closed and your back straight, or lay down comfortably.  Release all the tensions of your body, feeling them flow out starting with your head, down your face, neck, shoulders, chest, back, belly, hips, arms, legs, hands, and feet.  Feel the worries and anxieties just flow right out as you take deep breaths.  Every time you breathe, you release even more tension.

Stay here and feel the relief and satisfaction already present within you, taking as many breaths as you would like, for three to five minutes.

At this point, anything you affirm using an "I am" statement means that you already are that quality.  So you can affirm whatever you want such as good flow, ease in life, peacefulness, stability, unconditional love.  In this lovely relaxed state, affirm that each of your chakras is opening.

Then, visualize your chakras as little fans, each with a small opening in the front and back of your body.  The crown and root chakras open up and down.  Each one opens up a little at a time with ease.  See each color, the vibrant red of the root chakra, becoming larger.  The beautiful orange sacral chakra becoming larger.  The radiant yellow solar plexus chakra becoming larger.  The healing green heart chakra becoming larger.  The azure blue throat chakra becoming larger.  The deep indigo third eye chakra becoming larger.  The spiritual purple crown chakra becoming larger. 

See each one begin to glow with a white light that you ask Source Energy to fill you with.  Feel the white light coming into your crown and filling you up.  Know that your body can only be well as you contemplate wellness, and you are taking the time to care for yourself.  Be thankful for all the appreciation, love, health, and peace and harmony already present within you.

This practice is relaxing,  healing, and will lead to clearer thoughts and feelings, giving you a better mood.

Nutrition for Better Intuition

You can improve your psychic and intuitive abilities just by eating more veggies, and staying away from coffee, caffeine, and chocolate and sugars.  I'd read this before in books, like The Angel Therapy book, by Doreen Virtue, and have experienced the same.  Get whatever amount of rest you need to have a smooth and easy day, and intuitions seem to come.

And Affirmations for Intuition are like food for your intuitive mind and soul.  We all need to feed ourselves nourishing thoughts and ideas, especially about ourselves.

Improve Intuitive Ability at Bedtime

If you have followed along and used the Affirmations for Intuition and you'd like more of a boost, try this. 

Praying and Asking for dreams to come that will show you your path is a nice touch to any "routine" or energy practice for Intuition expansion.  Just know that whatever you ask for is granted, and that you only need to Align with the vibrational equivalent, so the intuition will continue to grow over time.  The more you remove negative blocks about yourself, the easier Alignment is.  Intuition can naturally follow after that.

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