Affirmations for homeschooling moms

Affirmations for Homeschooling Moms using the Law of Attraction:  It's so important Moms and Dads feel confident in their own esteem and also as teachers.

Source Hears Yes to Confidence or Confusion

Which do you think you are living in?

And if you aren't confident yet, can you commit to just one little change?

What if it was easy and fun to change your mood a little each day?

The #1 thing Homeschool Moms need

You thought it was a cool million, right?  No way.

The #1 thing a Homeschool Mom needs is Ease.  You need a peaceful place in your mind to meditate to clear your thoughts for a few minutes, best in the morning, and you need to set the tone for your own personal happiness.

The main ingredient is ease.  When you are dealing with babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and any age child, you want Ease.  You want peace.  You want some excitement and fun, but mostly, you need "all" of it to get done.  Be it school, getting to activities, cleaning up, good character education.  And some rest and time for yourself!

Remember this as it is in the whole entire universe:  All is well. 

Repeat.  All is well.  All is well.  All is well. 

And breathe.  Then repeat again.  Then read the following affirmations for homeschooling moms and parents to really feel the relaxation and ease.  (The trick is to FEEL it.)

Affirmations for Homeschooling Moms and Parents

Repeat these daily until they are so true for you that it's natural, normal, and typical for you to feel good saying them.  You are training your vibration into a higher place, a higher emotion.  And it's very important to do this.

Source hears YES to all you are focused on, so if you are criticizing yourself and your children, it is going to show up in negative emotions and poor behavior in the whole family.  Yet, if you can focus into praise for a while (by doing your own relaxation and staying in a good mood), you can turn the tide to your favor...creating more positive emotions and better behaviors.

  • I know All is Well in the Universe.
  • I know everything is working out for me.
  • I know Source Energy is taking care of me and my family.
  • I am so happy and thankful that I have a beautiful family.
  • I love my role as a mother.
  • I take pride in all I do, from washing dishes to teaching the children.
  • I always have enough time for me.
  • When I care for myself, this care comes back to me tenfold.
  • I enjoy being a teacher for my children.
  • I enjoy watching them learn new things.
  • I feel good about keeping an open mind to ways to help them learn.
  • I love being a good receiver to anything that helps our family.
  • I feel healthy and strong in my body, and clear in my mind.
  • I have an open heart and keep uncondition alive within me.
  • I don't judge behaviors, I embrace the Source within me and my children.
  • I know everything is temporary, so it's easy for me to let things go.
  • Every day is a good day!
  • I love feeling good every day.
  • When I feel good, I know I am inviting more and welcoming more good into my life.
  • I see us smiling, laughing, learning, having fun together.
  • I see us using our imaginations, being joyful.
  • I enjoy being an active and alert parent who adores my children.
  • I am so thankful to be right where I am at.
  • I am so thankful for all the resources open to me.
  • I am a powerful creator and feel the perfection of the universe within me.
  • I choose to go about my day in love and peace.
  • I release all stress, worries, and tension in my body and mind.
  • I know all the answers I am seeking are finding me.
  • Life is getting easier and easier.

Coaching and Reiki for Homeschool Moms

If you try these affirmations for homeschooling moms, and find you need more encouragement or ideas, I am available for life coaching phone calls.  Some of the things that keep us stuck can be worked out with ease by someone objective.  Meaning your friends and family don't always tell you to stop doing that thing that is bothering you because they don't want to hurt your feelings. 

A life coach is different.  I can tell you the truth without hurting your feelings because I practice uncondition.  I have great rates for parents!

And if you are local to NJ, I will even hook you up with The Center for Conscious Caregiving's Reiki 1 program.  They give Reiki 1 for free!  Because parents are caregivers, and they need to take care of themselves before caring for the rest of the family.

I run my Law of Attraction Classes there and I do the Children's Reiki Training there as well.

Time for Self

Many moms don't take enough time for themselves because they think they don't have time...

That is lack talking!  You must believe you have time in order to take time for yourself.

If you practice the vibration of ease for a while, you will begin to notice that you have longer blocks of time when your kids will suddenly sleep well, or someone will be there to help you out.  Not just so you can run an errand, but actually do something nice for yourself.  Someone will gift you a book you've been wanting or you will receive a freebie for a coffee or dinner.

Watch.  And feel the difference.  When you devote some focused time for yourself, you actually get more.  Soon you will be naturally saying, "Wow, I have Plenty of Time."

And at SHY, I know you deserve it, so enjoy it. 

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