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Affirmations for Acne using the Law of Attraction is easy!  At, you have a choice, to complain and criticize yourself and your acne.  You can blame yourself for what you ate, or someone else for giving you food that didn't agree with you.

Or, you take things into your own hands...

It's your vibe, so let's talk truth.

You have been telling yourself a story about who you are and why you have acne, and it ain't pretty...but you couldn't be more beautiful.  After all, you are a Divine God or Goddess, and don't you settle for any other story.  At SourceHearsYes, Source hears your true beliefs and expectations, so you'd better start praising yourself or you will literally never get the clear skin you desire.

Affirmations for Clear Skin

The Law of Attraction tells us that every subject is really two subjects.  The subject, and the lack of it.

See how I switched that subheading to Affirmations for Clear's because thinking about acne brings more acne.  Thinking about clear skin helps get you moving toward clear skin!

The reason why affirmations work is because you believe them, so you must gradually change your current belief over time for this process to be easy and fun.  You can stay committed to something if you know it works, right?

The truth really is...

You were made in an amazing way, and who you are is Source Energy.

You are both strong and gentle, and this is so desire-able.

The Larger Part of You is always loving, adoring, and knowing your own Personal Power.

You have come into your body to experience certain emotions and you can change them over time.

Now that you think about what emotions having acne brings you, think about what clear skin does for you.

Picture your face and body as perfect as you can imagine, and know that this you also exists.

Your old story had acne, but your new story has clear skin.  Feel how good it feels to be soft and silky.

Love your body and face and skin, all right now.  Appreciate your body and all it is trying to tell you.

Release all the negativity you are holding, all the tensions and worries.  Gone. 

Easily bring into your being, Hope, Relaxation, Peace, Acceptance, Love, Health, and Grace.

Know that you embody any emotion you'd like and can draw it forth naturally.

Some things take time, but as you desire new emotions of peace and acceptance, know that your personal power will pull all you want to you.  There is no time pressure, you can relax about it.

Joyfully, go about your days, feeling better, and watch what new manifestations come to you.

LOA Affirmations for Acne and Online Coaching

You absolutely could get yourself through this funk by yourself.  You don't need me or anyone else to tell you that you are pretty, beautiful, or handsome.  BUT...

If you are consistently "off" about who you are and what you look like, no affirmation will get you there fast.  You really do have to spend some quality time getting face to face with your true self, the one that is your Inner Being. 

We all want to manifest all sorts of cool things, cars, homes, the perfect mate or marriage, family, travel, time, money, but if we don't feel comfortable within our own skin, that's actually kind of hard!

And all of those things would happen rather quickly if we just had some confidence.  The Law of Attraction works so well and so consistently for manifesting everything that I am quick to reiterate what Abraham-Hicks says, "you get what you believe."

Having an online coach can help you manifest more quickly because as you become more aware, what you notice gets better and better.  Just ask me about my packages, which are so reasonably priced, anyone can take advantage of them.  You can go beyond affirmations for acne, and get in touch with your personal power, spiritual growth, a better mood, and more!

Inspired Actions about Acne

I've tried lots of Affirmations for Acne over the years, because I got my first round of acne when I was nine years old.  It's getting easier and easier for me to find new and better solutions, but only because I get into the receiving mode often.

I have had a few things that have helped my acne over the years.  First, I take fermented cod liver oil, which I wanted because I was trying to heal cavities naturally and read the book, Cure Tooth Decay by Ramiel Nagel.  It actually turned my new grey/white patch of hair that started coming in at 41--back to brown.  It literally started reversing my aging, which was a tremendously awesome discovery.  And one cavity has healed so far as well.  It improved my acne relatively quickly.  Real, fermented cod liver oil.  I ordered mine from  It's pricey but well worth it for overall health.

As for topical acne solutions, I love myrrh essential oil.  I bought cheapo Now brand in a one ounce bottle from the health food store and am literally slapping it on everything.  The good news is that it doesn't sting, and I saw improvement immediately.  Myrrh is so soothing and has been hailed as good for the skin in so many ways.  I put it in avocado or coconut oil and apply it before bed and let it work the magic.  Or just put it on directly.  Now, I'm not a doctor or an herbalist, so you have to use your own judgment here.  I would love to know what has helped your skin as well, so please feel free to tell others what has worked for you!

Only You Know What Works for You

You know your body more than anyone.  Some can eat any foods they want like dairy, but I can't eat dairy or gluten without seeing a breakout.  No one can tell you what makes your face break out but you.  So the only person you should really listen to is...YOU.  It's great when you receive information that is useful though and it can actually help you.  Just be aware to follow your own gut instinct about your own health decisions.  For me, it's best for avoid certain foods, but also to use certain supplements and products that do clear my skin.  Follow your own impulse about what works for you.

And use the Affirmations for Acne daily and watch and see the improvement you notice.

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