Abraham-Hicks is really the entity called Abraham through Esther Hicks. You can learn to use the law of attraction and universal laws with ease...Free online LOA resources to change your mood and spiritual growth with online coaching.

The Teachings of Abraham are so important in today's world.  They are a guide for all people, because they focus on using positive momentum forward in life.  The use of emotions as the way to tell how you are really doing is amazing!  (Along with the results you are getting, of course.)

But Abraham is Source Energy Beings, coming to tell us how wonderful and good we are.  When we forget, it's nice to hear Esther speaking about Source's love for all of us.

Esther and Jerry Hicks

They are the original and probably the most well known Law of Attraction teachers.  Very cool stories, such interesting people, and what a couple!  Esther Hicks also known as Estherham...and the followers of the Law of Attraction are called Abrahamsters...Abe is short for Abraham.  Jerry Hicks was Esther's husband.

Law of Attraction Courses

Abraham-Hicks does offer many Law of Attraction books and audios.  Esther Hicks used to do client calls with Abraham present, but now she holds conferences mostly in the US, where she attracts hundreds to each workshop on the LOA.  Truthfully, I LOVE what Esther does, which is why I became such a fan.  As I studied her way to be receptive to Abraham, that also became my passion as well.  I learned Reiki and became a Reiki Master Teacher, and found that my intuition became stronger.

I was also able to feel, think, and hear (mostly) in a very sentient way, the way Source Energy feels, and as I clear my own mind, I can raise my vibration easily to understand Source. The same way Esther Hicks meditated and raised her vibration to that of Source.

My own Law of Attraction Courses and Coaching were created with you in mind.  There is so much LOA information available, but everyone wants the fast track to get happy.  You would probably love to buy a LOA course but don't know which thing to do first, what process to begin with.  I have outlined so much of the process for you...

You can't learn how to generate large sums of money if you are miserable and in debt...you must first look within and get happy.  Law of Attraction is fun and easy, it's like a game!  So, if you take each moment slowly and savor it,, you can change your mood a little at a time.  And that is all it takes to gain the advantage in LOA, which is by far the strongest and most important universal law.

I always say to work on Yourself first, and Relationships next.  Health and Money come later.  If you have a pressing desire about your Health, you are unlikely to even get clear answers if you have major self doubt...and you'll even be likely to self- sabotage your progress UNLESS you figure out what.  So, self first, okay?

The Teachings of Abraham

In the book, Ask and It is Given, by Esther and Jerry Hicks, the teachings are outlined.  I highly suggest you buy this one book.  It is a treasure trove of perfect spiritual growth just waiting for you.  One of the main things discussed is how most you shouldn't focus on lack of love or money, but instead to be happy with what you already do have.  This distinction becomes such a big deal when you add up all the times you thought about that topic of love...you thought you were thinking about love, but really you were thinking about your lack of love.

So, when you shift your focus, everything changes.  If you believe you have a great life, you will!

BUT the way to get there is to shift your mood...on yourself and all topics, slightly over time.  If you do this, their promise is that it will all work out.  I know this is the truth, and I am living from the perspective that All is Well. 

Esther and Jerry Hicks have given us the Abraham Processes so that we can learn how to use the LOA better.  They give us 22 processes to change our moods with...

  • Feeling good already...
  • Feeling neutral...
  • Feeling miserable...

More info on these Abraham-Hicks law of attraction processes coming soon!

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