Affirmations using Law of Attraction

Learn Affirmations using Law of Attraction. Declare your Truth, Create Personal Power, and Become Yourself.

You can learn fast and easy ways to use LOA to change your mood and manifest your desires.  You see, I know a Secret...

That you are loved and adored beyond words, beyond measure.  And that you can have anything you desire: confidence, health, relationships, and Money.  You don't have to sacrifice to have ALL of them.

Have you been feeling that loved lately?  Or, have you been...

  • Feeling misunderstood, trapped, or broke?  Afraid to change?
  • Living in blame and shame?  So used to negative emotions that you don't like who you have become?
  • Fearful of letting others down?  Living for others instead of yourself?
  • Not where you wanted or expected to be? Wanting to break free of the bondage?
  • Ready to make some changes, wanting improvements, but not sure where to start?

Positive Affirmations are the perfect place to start building personal power, get in tune to clear thinking, remember who you really are...but only if you use them correctly.  I'll show you how easy it is to turn crappy moods into better feelings, using LOA techniques and tips, so you can feel better. 

You know, it's only your emotions that have stopped you.

You heard me right!  It's your emotions that matter.  Your emotions that tell you important things and connect you with Source Energy, giving you impulses about yourself, your life, the others you are with, and what to do with your life.  You shut them off or don't know what to do with these emotions, especially when they are negative.

But your emotions are only habits and you can train yourself into better vibes.  This is literally ALL you have to do.

You will soon understand so much more, and life will get easier when you do.  When you affirm with the Law of Attraction, YOU are in control and guiding the process!  Only you can decide how fast you progress, but just being committed to a little at a time will get you "there".

Co-Creating is Fun!

I created this site for two reasons: 

  • Because I LOVE to affirm the truth. I have used affirmations and the universal laws since I was a child.  Then, I became a teacher, guidance counselor, and a parent of three.  I have been open to receiving spiritual information, intuition, and Source Energy, and I have become a master with "energy work" like Reiki.
  • Because I LOVE others, I wanted to create a site for my best friends, my soul sisters and brothers, who long for some changes and uplifting ideas for everyday life.  I know you strive to feel better about yourself, your health, your relationships, and money, career, and abundance. I know you can do it one easy step at a time.

Because I believe in your individual power to become more You, you benefit from it.  You get a free online Law of Attraction coach and the many LOA resources I've gathered especially for you.  Whether you are in a difficult spot, or wanting the best manifesting tips, Coach Jen has your back!

Affirmations and Why They Work

A belief is simply a phrase (neutral), that you have told yourself over and over.  Through time, you have come to believe certain things about you, your world, your relationships.  Those beliefs have emotions built into them now.  Like that you aren't good enough, you are always in debt, or that you need to lose weight.  Maybe there are some things you are confident in, and others that you are not. 

Affirmations are the true thoughts that you CAN believe, and you can change them over time.  With a few quick How To lessons, you can have a better thought about the most important person--YOU--right now. 

Law of Attraction, or the LOA

The Law of Attraction is the Universal Law that says that we are attracting whatever we are focused on.  So, if we are complaining, Source Hears Yes to complaining.  If we are praising and appreciating, Source Hears Yes to praising and appreciating. The LOA has specific tips and techniques to make your life easier, and since I have been using them for so many decades, I have taken the guess work out.  You get the benefit of the faster track, without having to do countless hours of work and effort.  For you, it's all easy and fun.

Shifting emotions becomes a fun game!  Understanding energy work and how emotions affect us is interesting.  With a little practice, you will learn that Source wants you to praise, and you'll begin to praise yourself and then others. 

Manifesting Tips

Take the instant gratification of some free videos or my eBook when you sign up for my LOA Affirmation newsletter, or jump right into a monthly or season long course, get some coaching from me, or just browse for a topic that you want clarity on...

Self Confidence/Self Esteem for overall foundation coming from within and Inner Peace Meditation.

Health Affirmations for improving overall self and overall health and healing from dis-ease.

Relationship Affirmations for improving overall Harmony in Relationship Vibe.

Money Affirmations for improving overall self and overall money vibe.

Why Positive Affirmations work.